Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Symbian, I Like

I've been using Nokia since 1999 and when I had my first Symbian smartphone (a Nokia 7650) I instantly became a Symbian S60 fan. I like Symbian S60 because it has a no-nonsense functionality and very simple user interface. I even considered getting a Siemens SX1 in 2003 because it runs on Symbian S60 and because of its funky look, but I still sticked to Nokia because it is what everyone is using. Symbian was synonymous to Nokia until Samsung introduced Symbian S60 phones.

Samsung, like Nokia, has a gajillion types of mobile phones. What's great with Samsung though is that they implement all the open mobile operating sytems on their smartphones, while Nokia only has Symbian. Samsung has phones that runs on Windows Mobile, Symbian S60 and the soon to be released Samsung S8000 that may run on Android. Samsung has some really nice mobile phones and as a Nokia smartphone user, shifting to Samsung phone that runs on Symbian S60 OS is just like having my favorite ice cream on a cone instead of the usual cup. It adds into the flavor. I haven't tried this though (the phone, not the ice cream) and will soon find out.

I rejoiced when I heared that Sony Ericsson is back with Symbian but now uses S60 V.5 and not the, now obsolete, Symbian UIQ, which is great news! LG also has a new phone, the KT770 that, you guessed it right, runs on Symbian S60.

Now that Symbian can be found in almost all the leading mobile phone brands in the market, will its market share still slide down?



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