Sunday, April 12, 2009

Smartphone Applications

Do you install applications on your phone, update your firmware or you just leave it as it is?

While most of you know this already some of my friends still don't know the capabilities of their phones and just like to leave it the way it is. They are afraid that it might void their phones' warranty. But it won't.

Smartphones were designed to accommodate feature expansions just like your Mac or PC. You can install dictionaries, games, tools, ebooks, themes and more. This has been going on for ages (since my N7650 and others, Palm). Some even go to shops selling applications and pay 200 pesos for an application not knowing that it could be a freeware and only takes seconds to install. Apple has an apps store that offers hundreds or even thousands of free applications and applications that cost 1 dollar each.

Explore on the capabilities and possibilites of your phone. It didn't cost that much just to make call, send sms, take videos and pictures, and play mp3. It has a lot more to offer.

What applications do you have on your phone? Do you download cracked apps and/or apps with keygens?



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