Friday, April 30, 2010

Turned Table

It's been a while and the whole world was bombarded with gazillions of gadget news. I remember writing about Symbian and how much I love the OS. But the tides have turned! I am now an Android user and it is superb for someone who hasn't used other mobile OS! And why is that if someone would ask? My Nokia phone (It was a hardware issue) gave me so many reasons to dump their phone and move to the next best selling brand, Samsung (I'll get an HTC next time but Samsung is A-OK). About Symbian, I believed in them and I thought that the OS will mature and will be better than that of Apple or Android or Palm. But heck they had 3 years to innovate and Symbian^3 is all they can pull out of their sleeves! I know I haven't used the dang brand spanking new OS, but I saw their video and it sucks! It looks like the OS I used for eternity!

Maybe it's just the eye candy that I want.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic and Nokia E72 are now official

The new Nokia E72. A worthy E71 successor?

Nokia E72 Specification:

5 megapixel camera
HSUPA (up to 2Mbps) and faster HSDPA (Up to 10Mbps)
UMTS support
mm body
A new optical Navi key, which serves as an optical trackpad for going through menus and applications
An electronic compass that enhances the GPS navigation experience
3rd edition UI
A 2.4" QVGA landscape screen
MicroSD card slot
FM radio
Quad-band GSM (850/1900/2100 Mhz and 900/1900/2100 Mhz)
3.5mm standard audio jack
Bluetooh and USB


The new Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic also wants to be touched.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Specification:

2.9" 16M color display with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels

3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash


Accelerometer sensor and proximity sensor

Stereo speakers and a 3.5mm standard audio jack

Comes with 4GB microSD card in the box

Unlike the other two touch-enabled Nokia phones there's no GPS and UMTS/HSDPA support - an obvious move to bring the price tag down.

Source: GSMArena

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zune HD Announced

A lot of my colleagues haven't heard of the Zune brand. Zune is Microsoft's answer to Apple's iPod. Zune, like the iPod, is a portable multimedia player which Microsoft does not release on this part of the world (only in US and Canada). I was lucky to get a Zune 8 first generation in Dubai and I use it more than my iPod 30GB.

The real point of this post is to show you guys the newest Zune which I bet won't show up in the Philippine market but is still worth a drool. The Zune HD! There it is above. So pretty! So iPodtouchee with the edge.

Zune HD specs:

HD Radio - the Zune will have an integrated HD Radio receiver.

HD Video Out - it will support 720p HD movies via the AV Dock (dock sold separately).

Touchscreen - the Zune HD has multi-touch navigation, a 3.3-inch screen and 16:9 OLED display (480×272 pixel resolution) screen.

Microsoft just launched the official Zune HD microsite.

Source: Yugatech

Leaked: Finally A New PSP! PSP Go!

Sony's new portable media player leaked (intentionally?) in the Internet before the rumored E3 announcement. A slider device which resembles Sony Mylo (Picture below). It's the new PSP Go!

According to a reliable source, PSP Go is 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000, has 16GB internet memory and bluetooth. Now kids can really hang it on their neck with its size and weight unlike the PSP Slim which I always see dangling like a pendant on everyones neck!

Here are other info:
  • 3.8-inch display (resolution is undisclosed)
  • 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000
  • 16GB of Flash storage
  • Bluetooth built-in; supports handset tethering and BT headsets
  • No UMD drive
  • Memory Stick Micro slot
  • New Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and new Metal Gear Solid (!) on the way
  • Full PlayStation Network support (movie and TV rentals / purchases)
  • Integration with PlayStation 3 (works the same as the PSP-3000 does)
  • Sony views each of its products as "10-year lifecycle products," so the PSP "needs to live on."

Source: Engadget

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

ADI Telecom.............. P 5,800.00
Compex .................... P 5,858.00
5th Ave ..................... P 5,900.00
Cellway .................... P 5,990.00
Quality Cellular ........ P 6,000.00

Check Nokia 5130 XpressMusic here:

Find stores here.


Nokia E75

Quality Cellular ... P 23,000.00
memoxpress ....... P 26,990.00

Check Nokia E75 specs here.

Find stores here.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nokia 1203

Vantage... P 1,550.00
I-Pixel ..... P 1,560.00
DJGT........ P 1,800.00

Check Nokia 1203 specs here.

Find stores here.