Friday, April 30, 2010

Turned Table

It's been a while and the whole world was bombarded with gazillions of gadget news. I remember writing about Symbian and how much I love the OS. But the tides have turned! I am now an Android user and it is superb for someone who hasn't used other mobile OS! And why is that if someone would ask? My Nokia phone (It was a hardware issue) gave me so many reasons to dump their phone and move to the next best selling brand, Samsung (I'll get an HTC next time but Samsung is A-OK). About Symbian, I believed in them and I thought that the OS will mature and will be better than that of Apple or Android or Palm. But heck they had 3 years to innovate and Symbian^3 is all they can pull out of their sleeves! I know I haven't used the dang brand spanking new OS, but I saw their video and it sucks! It looks like the OS I used for eternity!

Maybe it's just the eye candy that I want.